Setup Commander Service Edition

Setup Commander Service Edition provides a new way of automatically preparing application setups and patches for unattended deployment in a simple and intuitive way. Creating Applications, finding and deploying installation parameters for setups and patches which need to be deployed is one of the most time consuming and troublesome tasks that administrators must undertake to deploy Windows applications. Setup Commander lowers the cost associated with application management by automating the manual steps that have to be repeated for every new application.
Setup Commander Service Edition supports Microsoft Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, Microsoft WSUS, VMware AirWatch and Micro Focus ZENworks Configuration Management.

Setup Commander Service Edition has two main components; the Setup Commander Service Portal which is the web-based configuration interface and the Setup Commander Setup Store Service which is the Windows service base component which downloads and configure the setups to which you have subscribed in the Service Portal.

You can use Setup Commander Service Edition with any software distribution solution you prefer. We have native connectors for Micro Focus ZENworks, Microsoft Configuration Manager, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit,  Microsoft WSUS and VMware AirWatch.. If you have a need for a connector for your software distribution solution, please contact us.

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Setup Commander Support for Legacy Setups

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