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Liquit Setup Commander supports every vendor MSI. By using our ‘as a service’ infrastructure we either provide you an already available Configuration Wizard for vendor MSI’s of vendors like Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, RES and VMware or Liquit Setup Commander will auto-generate a Configuration Wizard for you instantaneously.

Our Configuration Wizards provide you options to ‘Remove all Desktop and/or Start Menu shortcuts, to ‘Suppress’ Reboots’, to Disable auto-update mechanisms, to include Licensing Information, to include Database Settings and to configure many other most typical deployment options. These options are stored in a transform file (MST) for the selected MSI.

One example is our ‘Google Chrome Configuration Wizard’ with which one can configure the default configuration options for Google Chrome:

For those vendors MSI we don’t have a Configuration Wizard for, Liquit Setup Commander will auto-generate a Configuration Wizard for you instantaneously:

An auto-generated Configuration Wizard is based on ‘best practices’ and can optionally be sent to our support team for further analysis, to be enhanced and for publishing purposes:

After a Configuration Wizard has been auto-generated, it’s available immediately to transform the selected MSI:

If you like to review the current list of Configuration Wizards, please start the ‘Configuration Wizard Manager’ from within Liquit Setup Commander.

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