yEd Graph Editor

We offer the “yEd Graph Editor” in the Setup Store for download from the vendors website.

The ‘yEd Graph Editor’ is packaged using install4j technology. Because Setup Commander support install4j setups, it brings in the default silent switch ‘-q’ for these kind of setups.

Many yEd Graph Editor users asked for why the unattended mode doesn’t work for the yEd Graphic Editor setup using the ‘-q’ switch. Therefore we’ve contacted the yWorks sales team for more information how to use ‘yEd Graph Editor’ in your environment and how to silently deploy it. This is their response:

“Please read ‘Can I use yEd for free? Even for commercial purpose?‘. You are not allowed to distribute yEd on your own or use it in an automated process. For installing yEd on multiple machines within your company, yWorks would make available to you a yEd installer in .exe format that supports silent installation. An .msi package would also be possible on demand, however, for an additional fee.”

Please contact their sales team for more information.

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