Oracle Virtualbox

If you want to silently install Oracle Virtualbox, there are some extra steps you have to take.

Normally when you install Virtualbox, you get an extra popup to allow the installer to allow and install Oracle Device Software.

If you don’t install this device software first, the unattended VirtualBox installation will fail.

To be able to do a silent install of Virtualbox, you first have to install or inject the ‘Oracle Corporation Certificate’.
You can obtain this certificate on a machine where Virtualbox is installed.

Follow this method.

Exporting the certificate:

– Install Virtualbox on a test-machine or VM.
– Start certmgr.msc
– Locate the Oracle certificate in the ‘Trusted Publishers’ –> ‘Certificates’ section.
– Double-click the ‘Oracle Corporation’ certificate.
– Click the ‘Details’ tab.
– Click ‘Copy to file’.
– Accept the Wizard defaults and choose a location and filename for the certificate.
– Copy the .cer file to a save place outside the test-machine.

Importing the certificate:

– On the machine or image where you want the certificate installed, open an elevated command prompt.
– Type: certutil -addstore TrustedPublisher [drive]\[path]\[certificate] ( E.g: certutil -addstore TrustedPublisher c:\test\virtualbox.cer)
– You will see a message when the certificate is successfully installed.

You can now do a silent install of Virtualbox.

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