No Return Code Templates Available

This situation occurs using Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2017.3 Service Update 3, 2018.1 and 2018.2, when no return code templates, either owned by that user or as ‘Public User templates’, are available for the user which is used for authentication against the Endpoint Manager API used by Setup Commander.

This has been fixed in Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018.3 and up (bug 360200). A quick fix is to update the dbo.ReturnCodeTemplate table in the database:

– start Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
– connect to the Database Engine
– open ‘Databases’
– open your ‘EPM’ database (expand)
– open ‘Tables’
– click the ‘dbo.ReturnCodeTemplate’ table, right click and choose ‘Edit Top 200 Rows’
For the ‘Default MSI Template’ and ‘Default non MSI template’ templates the value for ‘ConsoleUser_Idn’ should be changed to ‘1’. ‘1’ is the ‘Public User’ in the dbo.ConsoleUser table.
– close the ‘dbo.ReturnCodeTemplate’ table; click on the ‘dbo.ReturnCodeTemplate’ tab, right click and choose ‘Close’

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